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Lords Mobile Hack 2018 – Gems Cheats Generator

Lords Mobile is an engrossing online game wherein you need to build a kingdom of monsters and lords. Daily login rewards, numerous achievements, interesting missions, tricky maps, unique Heroes, and many more features will keep you busy in the game. So, are you ready for some fun time with our Lords Mobile Hack 2018?

Lords Mobile Hack 2018

Gems and Diamonds are the two vital currencies of Lords Mobile game. You need to earn them in good amounts so that you can buy several Heroes, resources, and progress quickly in the game, that’s why we introduce our Lords Mobile Hack. Listed below are some easy ways to earn them in the game.


Gems are the main currency of the game that can be purchased by spending Diamonds or by using our Lords Mobile Cheats. The gaming developers provide attractive discounts on buying in-game currencies. So, keep a tab on them and buy Gems and Diamonds at discounted prices. For instance, with 499 Diamonds, you can buy 800 Gems + 1,200 Bonus Gems, + Petite Devil Hero, and 150,000 Food. However, these are one-time quick offers, so they should be grabbed instantly.

The other ways to earn Gems are by logging to the game daily, completing various missions, reaching new levels, etc. However, the amount of Gems earned in these ways is limited. If you want to earn them in huge amounts, then you should consider using Lords Mobile Hack.


Diamonds are the premium in-game currency and can be purchased by spending real world money. To buy Diamonds with real money, you need to tap the Plus icon on top left bar to open the in-game mall. Then, click on the Plus icon, which is next to the blue colored Diamond to make purchases. Select a payment method and once paid, Diamonds will be credited to your gaming account. With $0.99 you can buy 99 Diamonds, $1.99 will get you 199 Diamonds and so on! If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on buying Diamonds, then you can even think of using Lords Mobile Hack.


There are innumerable buildings accessible in the game. These are broadly classified into four: Core Buildings, Resource Buildings, Standard Buildings, and Advanced Buildings. Listed below are some of the important buildings that you need to acquire in the game.


Altar falls under the advanced buildings category. It is the area where you can kill the leaders that you have imprisoned from opponents. To build an Altar, you will require Prison Level, which can be acquired after reaching Level 17. Leaders cannot be killed at any time. Their killing time will depend on your Prison level as well as the level of the player whom you have imprisoned. To upgrade your Altar, you will require Soul Crystals.


It falls under the Advances Buildings category. You can capture enemy Leaders that have level 10+ Castles and put them in the Prison. If you want to imprison Leaders of higher levels then you need to upgrade your Prison. You will require Steel Cuffs, which can be acquired by unlocking Monster Chests, or procured as a reward from gift packs. You can even purchase them by spending Gems.


Workshop belongs to the Standard Building category. You need to upgrade your Workshop on a regular basis. Here, you can upgrade your equipment and use materials to build them. To acquire materials, you need to hunt monsters or to use Lords Mobile Cheats. Each monster will provide you with different materials. Another way to acquire materials is by unlocking Material Chests, gathering, unlocking Guild gifts, etc.


It is the most vital building and falls under the Core Buildings category. You need to spend plenty of in-game currencies for upgrading your Castle. By upgrading the Castle, you will be able to unlock new buildings and numerous other features. If you don’t have enough resources to upgrade just use the Lords Mobile Hack. Some of these include; increasing the maximum level of other buildings, enhancing the number of soldiers for building your army base, and much more.


Farm is one of the vital Resource Buildings that you will require for growing and keeping your produce. The Farm will have direct impact on your food production rate and storage capacity for food. So, you need to build more farms or keep upgrading them on a regular basis. The food that you will produce in the farms can be used for upgrading existing buildings, buying new buildings, training troops, etc.

Soul Crystals:

Soul Crystals are special in-game currencies that can be purchased from the Gem Shop by spending Gems. You can even acquire Soul Crystals by unlocking monster chests or can be acquired from the gift packages that have been purchased. You can use them for upgrading your Altar building. The approximate cost of one Soul Crystal is 15 Gems, 10 can be bought for 120 Gems, and so on.

Lords Mobile game has gained immense popularity in the online world. There are several aspects that make gamers play the game on a daily basis. Mentioned below are some important features that make the game interesting and addictive:

Gathering Resources:

Whenever you are not in the battlefield, you should spend your time in gathering various resources in the game. This will help you in growing quickly. If you have plenty of resources then you will save in-game currencies too. The five main resources of the game are Food, Stone, Timber, Ore, and Gold. Among them, the rarest resource is Gold and commonest one is Food.

Managing Troops:

Your troops can make or break your game! So, it is important to take good care of them. You should train your troops on a regular basis. Take good care for their needs; like, providing enough food. Your production of food should always be higher than stone, wood, or ore. This will only be possible by purchasing more land and creating farms on it.

Investigate Well:

It is necessary to investigate well before going for battles. You should decide carefully regarding the troops that you need to take with you to the battlefield. On most occasions, you will have to take your entire clan for a battle so always keep them well-trained and ready for wars.

Joining Guilds:

You will come across several guilds; so join the most active one as soon as possible. Ensure that you remain active otherwise you will be thrown out. Guild will help you to conquer the world together as two powerful forces will work jointly in achieving their goal. You will receive several special items as rewards by joining guilds. Moreover, you can acquire assistance from fellow guild members and help them out too. In short, guild can provide myriad benefits. If you are unable to find a good guild then create one.

Turf Quests:

Turf Quests are tricky missions that will keep you busy for several days. Once you complete the quest successfully, you will be rewarded with innumerable resources and XP. You can use the resources for growing your kingdom whereas XP will let enhance your Leader levels. Remember that the quest rewards that you earn can be looted by other players. So, to keep them safe, you should not collect them until you are sure of using them. Resources that are hoarded in quest rewards cannot be looted by opponents.

Listed below are some tips and strategies for battling with the enemies:

  • Always use Heroes that match well with your type of troop.
  • Select your war equipments carefully.
  • If your enemy is mightier than you then wait until the enemy attacks. Then, attack him back when his troops are divided.
  • In the battlefield, send some troops to absorb the ones that die so that you do not get several dead troops.
  • Protect your troops from attack by shielding them. You have to provide shelter to your troop. Ensure that you do not have more troop than your shelter capacity.
  • Play strategically and try to confuse the enemies. You can start with five rallies at the same time on five different players. Although it will be a fake rally, but make it look realistic.

To conclude, Lords Mobile will keep you captivated to your device for several weeks. So, start playing it and try using Lords Mobile Hack right away and have a wonderful time while building a powerful kingdom.


Lords Mobile Hack